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Smartsheet Integration


This guide will take you through how to connect your customer data living in Smartsheet with CustomerOS. CustomerOS will sync all of the selected data using a Smartsheet API key, which we will run through generating and providing to CustomerOS in this guide.


To create an API key in Smartsheet, you’ll need Smartsheet admin privileges and the appropriate Smartsheet subscription package.

Guide to linking your Smartsheet account

  1. As a Smartsheet Admin log into your account to generate a Smartsheet API key. You can do this by following Smartsheet’s guide to create an API key.
  2. You then need to select which speadsheet you want to sync data from, and get the ID of the spreadsheet. you can do this by following Smartsheet’s guide to get the spreadsheet ID (found under File > Properties in the spreadsheet you want to sync data from). Note: Currently you can only sync data from one spreadsheet at a time, if you want to sync more than one let us know!
  3. Log into you CustomerOS account, click on the Settings button and paste your Smartsheet API key into the Smartsheet API key field. Press save.


  1. Once configured, CustomerOS can also continuously sync your data from Smartsheet to CustomerOS, from 1 to 24 hours from Smartsheet into CustomerOS to make sure you always are up to date.

What happens to this data?

  • CustomerOS collects your Smartsheet data and stores this within your customer graph for easy manipulation into useful aggregations and views
    • This data includes contacts, interactions, companies, deals and more!
  • Once stored in CustomerOS, this data is linked to all other customer data from other systems and inputs
    • This allows you to see the full picture about your customer without having to load data from one place to another!

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