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Invoice Mutation

UpdateInvoice mutation request

curl -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d '{
    "query": "mutation UpdateInvoice { 
      invoice_Update(input: { 
        id: \"96d699a8-b986-4dae-9f10-a23196f30c90\", 
        status: \"PAID\" 
        patch: true
      }) { 
  }' \

The invoice mutation request requires that you pass the invoice id as a query parameter.

In order to update only the fields specified in the request, you must pass patch: true as part of the query parameters. If you do not, you must pass the full object in the request.

As this is a graphQL request, you are able to specify the exact payload you would like returned in the response. In the example above, we’ve specified that id, paid, and statusare returned, but you can choose from any of the response parameters defined in the invoice object

Invoice mutation response

"data": {
    "invoice_Update": {
        "id": "96d699a8-b986-4dae-9f10-a23196f30c90",

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