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Why CustomerOS?

Before building CustomerOS we were looking for a way to bring our customer’s data together in order to build some of the best customer support tooling in the world. We found that the majority of options on the market (the modern data stack, CDPs, data warehouses, etc.) just couldn’t do what was needed in order to best serve customers at the point they interacted with businesses.

This lead us to build customerOS, a platform that allows you to bring all of your customer data together in one place, and then use that data to power your customer interactions.

Why CustomerOS?

We realised quickly that the data mesh that we were building could be used for more than just customer support. It could be used to power any customer-centric workflow. This is why we decided to open up the platform to allow anyone to build on top of it. Right now we are building Customer Success tooling, however we welcome anyone to build on top of the platform, or even fork it to suit their own needs - ideally contributing their changes back to the project.

Why GraphQL?

We chose GraphQL as the query language for CustomerOS because it is the best way to query a data mesh. It allows you to query the data mesh in a way that is easy to understand, and allows you to get exactly the data that you need without wastefully pulling data that would be wasted, or worse, stored elsewhere to start decaying and causing data decay issues for you later.

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