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Getting Started


Use of the CustomerOS GraphQL API and webhooks require a CustomerOS API Key in order to make authenticated requests.

As our API is currently in Beta, please reach out to developers@customeros.ai to receive your API key.

The API key will be passed as a X-CUSTOMER-OS-API-KEY value in the header of all requests.

CustomerOS GraphQL API

The CustomerOS GraphQL API provides all the functionality of CustomerOS in a single public endpoint:

POST https://api.customeros.ai

You can access the GraphQL API via our hosted GraphiQL web app, curl, or any HTTP client:


The CustomerOS GraphQL API only accepts POST requests. Other HTTP methods, such as GET or PUT, will return a 400 Bad request or 406 Not acceptable response.

Rate Limiting

We rate limit API calls to 1000 per minute. If you exceed this limit, you will receive a 429 response. If you need an increased limit, please contact the CustomerOS team.

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