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Getting Started

This guide will get you up and running with a local Openline development environment in less than 5 minutes.

The Openline CLI

The easiest way to get started is by downloading and installing the Openline Command Line Interface (CLI). The Openline CLI is an open source NodeJS app that makes it easy to setup and manage your development environment directly from the terminal. It’s an essential part of developing on Openline.

Standalone Installation with a Tarball

The standalone install is a simple tarball with a binary. It contains its own node.js binary and autoupdates.

Running the following script will install the CLI in /usr/local/lib/openline and /usr/local/bin/openline.


This script requires sudo and isn’t supported on Windows

curl http://openline.sh/install.sh | sh

If you prefer, you can download one of the following tarballs and extract it yourself.

Verify Installation

You can check that the Openline CLI is installed by running:

openline --version

If everything has been installed correctly, you’ll see an output that looks like openline/x.y.z

Start building!

That’s it, you are ready to start building with Openline!

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