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Here are some commonly asked questions about CustomerOS

What’s next? How do I make an app with this?

We recommend starting with the cloud version of CustomerOS. Reach out to the team to get your API keys and you’ll be ready to start playing in no time.

If you want to keep this all local and not use the cloud version, you can use the CLI to deploy CustomerOS locally. You can find the CLI docs here.

How should I integrate with CustomerOS?

CustomerOS uses graph APIs to expose data, we recommend using the Apollo Client to integrate with CustomerOS if you are building a React app. If you are building a different type of app, you can use any GraphQL client to integrate with CustomerOS.

How do I keep my app up to date?

As CustomerOS is exposed using graph APIs, you shouldn’t experience many breaking changes. However, we will be adding new features and functionality to the platform over time. We’ll be posting updates on our changelog as we go so you can keep up to date with the latest changes.

What learning resources are currently available?

We’re in the process of building out some step-by-step guides and examples and we’ll be posting them here as they’re ready.


We’ll be posting articles on our blog as we build out the platform. You can find our blog here.

Example apps

Coming soon! We’re working with some teams that are building on CustomerOS - we’ll share their apps here when they’re ready.

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