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Intercom Integration


This guide will walk you through how to sync your Intercom data with CustomerOS.

Connecting your Intercom account

CustomerOS connects to Intercom via an Intercom App.

  1. Log into Intercom and navigate to the Intercom Developer Hub and click on Your Apps found at the top right of the screen.

Intercom developer page

  1. Click Your apps in the top-right corner, then click New app.
  1. Choose an App name (we recommend CustomerOS!), select your Workspace from the dropdown, and click Create app.
  1. To set the appropriate permissions, from the Authentication tab, click Edit in the top right corner and check the permissions you want to grant to the app.

We recommend only granting read permissions (not write). If you update the permissions, click Save when you are finished.


CustomerOS only requires read permissions as we don’t push data back into Intercom, so you can rest assured your data will remain unaltered within Intercom.

  1. Copy your Intercom access token.

  2. Log into your CustomerOS account, click on the Settings button and paste your Intercom access token into the Intercom access token field on the integrations page. Press save.

  3. That’s it! CustomerOS will now continuously monitor your Intercom account for data changes and automatically sync them to CustomerOS.

What happens to this data?

  • CustomerOS collects your Intercom data and stores this within your customer graph for easy manipulation into useful aggregations and views
    • This data includes contacts, interactions, companies, deals and more!
  • Once stored in CustomerOS, this data is linked to all other customer data from other systems and inputs
    • This allows you to see the full picture about your customer without having to load data from one place to another!

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