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Notion Integration


This guide will walk you through how to sync your Notion↗ data with CustomerOS.

Connecting your Notion account

CustomerOS connects to Notion via a Notion Private Integration.

  1. Log into Notion and navigate to your My Integrations↗ page and click on New Integration.

New Notion Integration

  1. Name your new integration (we recommend CustomerOS!) and press Create Integration.

  2. Under the capabilities tab, make sure that the following are selected at a minimum:

  • Read content
  • Read comments
  • Read user information including email addresses

Notion Integration capabilities

  1. Copy the Internal Integration Secret from the Secrets tab.

  2. You will now need to select the pages that you wish to sync with CustomerOS.

Navigate to the page(s) you want to share with CustomerOS. Click the β€’β€’β€’ menu at the top right of the page, select Add connections, and choose the integration you created.

You will need to carry out this step for all the pages you wish to share with CustomerOS.

Notion add connection

  1. Log into your CustomerOS account↗, click on the Settings button and paste your Notion Internal Integration Secret into the Notion Access token field. Press save.

  2. That’s it! CustomerOS will now continuously monitor your Notion account for data changes and automatically sync them to CustomerOS.

What happens to this data?

  • CustomerOS collects your Notion data and stores this within your customer graph for easy manipulation into useful aggregations and views
    • This data includes contacts, interactions, companies, deals and more!
  • Once stored in CustomerOS, this data is linked to all other customer data from other systems and inputs
    • This allows you to see the full picture about your customer without having to load data from one place to another!

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